My Top 10 Most Effective Books for Anger Management


Dealing with Anger can be difficult at times and can poison your day if is not dealt with in a positive manner. It is always good to take the time to think positive in a matter by collecting all of your thoughts and try to find the right solution because there is always a positive solution to a situation.

Here are some of my steps I take to deal with my anger

Step 1. I always think before expressing myself by gathering my thoughts about the situation.

Step 2. I love to go and exercise when angry because it calm me down. I find that physical activity can make a big different in thinking clearly.

Step 3. I love to take time away from a negative situation because for me a few moments of quite time can make a big different in building positive thoughts.

Step 4. I always take the time to do self-assessments for any wrong doing I have done because the best starting point in resolving a problem is focusing oneself actions and attitudes.

Step 5. I always practice forgiveness because forgiveness can help you eliminate resentment and will always bring peace, happiness and positive feelings will always make way into your heart.

I love to read books and listen to some podcast and below is my top 10 list of books that can help you further in dealing with anger and resentment.

  1. Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the FlamesĀ 
  2. The Cow in the Parking Lot: A Zen Approach to Overcoming Anger
  3. Anger Management Workbook for Men: Take Control of Your Anger and Master Your Emotions
  4. The Anger Management Workbook for Women: A 5-Step Guide to Managing Your Emotions and Breaking the Cycle of Anger
  5. The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life
  6. The Anger Control Workbook (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)
  7. Letting Go of Anger: The Eleven Most Common Anger Styles And What to Do About Them
  8. ACT on Life Not on Anger: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Problem Anger
  9. Never Get Angry Again: The Foolproof Way to Stay Calm and in Control in Any Conversation or Situation
  10. It’s All Your Fault!: 12 Tips for Managing People Who Blame Others for Everything


Have a Wonderful Day!!! Peace, Love and Blessings

By Jesus Apolinaris

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