My father was killed when I was 5 years old and growing up with my mother’s resentment for my father swipe away my happiness and gave me a sense of guilt with regrets of being born. The hate that my mother expressed for my father, led me to believe my mother hated me too for looking like him and having some of his traits. Growing up with a mother’s resentment for my father was like watching half of me being stab to death repeatedly. Expressing my love for him made me go into the battlefield with my mother and those that so dearly believe in her stories about him. It was hard for me living in a house so abusive and so dysfunctional that it force me to seek love from elsewhere.

How can a mother love her children 100% with hate for the father of her children?

No matter how the relationship ended, if you cannot forgive the wrong, you cannot forget the hate.

Every child deserves and needs to be love unconditionally from both parents. The father of your kids will always remain biological, which no court in the world cannot change. No amount of money will replace the father’s love for his child and restore his sanity. Only the compassion you show and the love you teach your children will be fruitful for a lifetime.

If you are a mother and have resentment for the father of your children, allow forgiveness to take root in your heart and love your children without hating his/her traits of their father. If you do not forgive, when hate become a cancer in your kid’s life, you will reap every bit of that decease you help spread.

Peace, Love and Blessings to everyone

~ Jesus Apolinaris


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