Holding on to resentment will not make any progress for a better tomorrow, and will only bring poisonous consequences to your well-being and your love ones. Remember, there is no getting even with resentment, because the only guarantee it brings is destruction of your very own happiness. If you can start making a positive change in your life with forgiveness in mind, resentment will never have a chance in taking root in your heart. Never underestimate the power of forgiveness and always keep the faith in your efforts for a better life. Remember and keep this in mind, a sincere apology for your wrongdoing and the passion for a greater good in life will grant you a very comfortable peaceful life within your journey.

Always do your best to stay positive with awareness of your enemies plans for you, because when someone has resentment rooted in the heart for you, that person will do anything within its own power to have you park yourself right next to his/her own misery. However, no amount of resentment from your enemies will have a negative affection in your life through repentance and GOD’s forgiveness.

~Jesus Apolinaris


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