At the beginning, it was hard for me because I wanted to do so many things in life. I didn’t have a priority list of what to do first and I became confused. I started doing what other people were doing with their lives, not knowing that they were pursuing their passion. What worked for them started to backfire on me because I didn’t have the passion for it. I kept moving forward in getting involved with other activities until one day I started fixing a VHS and I love it “Yeah, Hurray”. It was then that I found out that I love to fix things, so I started to look for more activities and opportunities to engage on fixing things along with my other passions for life that I found on the way (Cooking, Writing, etc.…).

If you are confused about your passion, start by pursuing and getting involved with different types of activities so you can open up within yourself & finally get to know your true potential. Sometimes you have to take the risk to find your passion, but you can put it all together & figured it all out when your passion is truly there for it. Once your passion is recognized, you will set your goals and develop a mindset of determination to reach those goals. Through my own experience, you will be willing to sacrifice the extra time to achieve those goals which will take you closer to the finish line.

There’s no need to chase after success and money because when you commit yourself into practice on what you love to do, success and money will come chasing after you.


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